how to implement the conversion from 3Dmax(DXF) to OpenGl (VC or c devolop_platform)

I have a question .that is the conversion from 3Dmax(DXF) to OpenGl.
There is an example in a chinese book,but the code is not complete.
I want the fancier of Opengl to help me to solve the qustion .
Thank you !

3DSMax is a modelling program for creating models. OpenGL is a graphics system for rendering 3d graphics (primarily). DXF is a file format for storing data. (Actually an AutoCad format I believe.) Tecnically you don’t convert 3DSmax to OpenGL. Rather, you would render the data generated in a 3dsMax file by using OpenGL. has a bunch of documents describing the DXF file format. Use those documents to figure out how to get the information you need from the file, then use that data in your OpenGL calls.

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seems to give you an answer, isn’t it ?

it’s a “.3DS” loader, not DXF.