how to get started?


I’m new here, and i’m also a beginner in using OpenGL. I got the right header files, libraries etc. but i feel, that there is a lack of some kind of description of them i.e. in Borland C++ i have a complete decription of all header files. Could you please help me to find some for OpenGL


Daniel Ce.

I think you would better read the Opengl Red Book, and the GL spec, because a mere header description won’t take you very far.

Red Book (old one) :

GL specs :

The recent ones are only in PDF, but the older html versions are much easier to browse.

And don’t forget the tutorials, very handy, and each as bunch of sources packages for each development platform.

I’d higly recommend if you’re a complete beginner.
Tutorials are clear and will bring you from the cradle to a certain level of understanding (where you actually understand what you’re doing =D)

nehe’s are a little bit harder for most of them

It depends on what you really want. If you’re starting out, yes start reading some books on the subject. If you only need a reference for the functions (after you’ve learned how to use them) you can just google them or find a site (I think SGI’s) which has an html reference. Then, as mentioned above, the OpenGL reference manual is the reference but I think you want an electronic format. Microsoft’s msdn has a good reference (although tailored towards Microsoft’s implementation of the GL. In case you’d like to use linux, after installing the mesa implementation you can just go man ‘gl command’ and voila.

Thanks, that’s what i was looking for. : :slight_smile: