How to get square root for longlong type value


I have a problem with calculating the vector’s length. I use __sqrtx() from uglu.c and when I pass value greater then 2^32 (fixed limit) the function returns an undefined result. I have expanded type of passed value from GLfixed to __int64 but it has not helped. __sqrtx() uses Newton’s method and does 6 compute iterations. May be it is not enough. I think I need more compute iterations, right? May be somebody can suggest any idea to help me resolve this problem. I will be very grateful. :wink:

Why you don’t use your own sqrtx function. If you prefer the Newton Approximation then something like this:

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You could also just scale your input value before calling into the function; divide by 4 in the input corresponds to divide by 2 in the output.

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