how to get PCI device ID?

I’d like to know how to get the PCI device ID for a graphic card. Are there on the Internet some lists of such ID’s? I’d like to know the ones for Quadro FX cards.

Hope this help you anymore :

Thank you, I found the list. It still hasn’t got the Quadro FX 3000, but it’s fine.

take a look at “nv4_disp.inf” from your driver.
there should be a list of all nvidia chipsets with their pci devie id’s. just search for the [Manufacturer] section.
when you don’t know which chipset(NVxx) your quadro has, take a look at the [Strings] section at the end of the file where the reallife-names of the chipsets are listed.

glGetString(…) would be easier for any probing issue.(?) ^^

I actually wanted the PCI ID information because I’m porting an application display to OpenGL. And since I MUST HAVE antialiased lines and quad strips, I need a way to ensure that the graphic card of the user will properly display AA stuff.
I heard that some GeForce4 chips (rev.3 and up) may support this smooth antialiasing in hardware; is this true? Does this happen on GeForce FX cards, too, or is it only available on Quadros? My tests on GeForce4 Ti 4400 showed missing pixels in AA lines but AA triangle strips looked fine.
Thank you for the answers.