How to get input from .txt file

I was trying to get some data file from a .txt file, was it possible to do so in OpenGL ES?

What has opengl es got to do with I/O of files ? It should be possible with regular file I/O.

you mean regular I/O can be done? well, i not so sure about that, coz 1 of my friends says that, it cant be done… anyway, thankx for your info

They are correct, OpenGL (ES) does not define a file format similar to DirectX’s .X file that you can use to load various assets diretly into the driver.

You can, however, easily write functions that load the asset into memory, and then transfer it down the driver using a corresponding API call.

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I meant that you need to use regular file I/O routines to load,read, write etc from and to files respectively.

Forgotten to mention that, i am doing it for Pocket PC… not for PC version.

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