How to get ICD driver name?

Anyone has any idea about how to get the active icd driver name through registry on xp platform.
I believe system opengl32.dll should implement this way, but I don’t know the detailed truth.
Thanks in advance.

#define OPENGL_GETINFO  4353

	int Version;
	int DriverVersion;
	WCHAR DLL[262];	 // e.g. RIVATNT
} oglEscInfoBlock;

int inData=0;

if(ExtEscape(hdc, OPENGL_GETINFO, sizeof(inData), &inData, sizeof(oglEscInfoBlock), &oglEscInfoBlock)<=0) return FALSE;
  • Registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\OpenGLDrivers&lt;oglEscInfoBlock.DLL>\Dll

.oO(let’s hope MS doesn’t kill this forum for that information)°

3x, I get it.

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