How to find the content of gluUnProject.html

Hi All,

Anybody knows how to find the content of this page that is referenced many times on the internet (try googling “gluUnProject.html”) and is not available any more?

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This one still works.

Hi Nico,

The page didn’t contain the reference manual for the gluUnproject() function but an important formula to convert screen coords in world coord in perspective view.

I need to find the content of this particular page.


I think the pyopengl manual has the formula you’re looking for

Bookmark this page. :slight_smile:

No, guys.

All the links refer to standard gluUnproject reference manuals.

I am looking for a complex formula to map the screen coordinates to the logaritmic perspective view depth scale.



It’s far from a complex formula. You can download the OpenGL sample implementation here and have a look at the glu source code.

The part you’re looking for is in the file “/main/gfx/lib/glu/libutil/project.c”

The formula is the following:

winZ = 0.5 + (((far + near) - (2 * far * near) / fz)) / (2 * (far - near));

And I am trying to grasp all the concepts behind it. The page I was lookign for explain them.