How to emulate Ray Tracing on CPU in Vulkan?

Real goal: I’m preparing everything for future RTX project. I’m building my own programming language named (emc-language) which is glsl/C# like, it’s GPU and CPU. Since it’s impossible to add breakpoints on GLSL but breakpoints are extremely important to boost the development speed then I build this programming language, and that’s why I want to emulate Ray Tracing on CPU with this programming language.

“How to emulate Ray Tracing on non-RTX graphics card in Vulkan?” or “Is there a GitHub source code somewhere that’s alternative to the DirectX 12 Raytracing Fallback Layer that I show at bottom but in Vulkan?”. I don’t want to use DirectX because it complicates my development, I only want to use Vulkan.

The following emulator works fine on my computer even if the internet is turned off which means that it can work on my computer but I couldn’t find the source code of the following emulator (Vulkan GLSL Ray Tracing Emulator): Tutorial: Vulkan GLSL Ray Tracing Emulator

The code on the image is not the source code I want, it’s just a glsl code. I want C++ source code of an entire emulator of Vulkan Ray Tracing just like the D3D12 Raytracing Fallback Layer which is an entire C++ source code of raytracing emulation.

D3D12 Raytracing Fallback Layer (GitHub - TeamWisp/DXR-Fallback-Layer: This repo contains the DirectX Graphics samples that demonstrate how to build graphics intensive applications on Windows.)

The D3D12 Raytracing Fallback Layer is a library that emulates the DirectX Raytracing (DXR) API on devices without native driver/hardware support.

Just to tell that DirectX is a friend of NVIDIA, I saw Khronos videos talking about DirectX.

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