How to draw more than one quad (connect together) on the screen?

I have over 300 points of vertex array. I can use the first four points to draw a quad on the screen. Can anyone show me how to use the rest of points to draw more quads?

Thank you for help

My code is

void COGLView: rawScene()

//Commented the following code ...

//====== Create the new list of OpenGL commands
glNewList(1, GL_COMPILE);

//====== Set the polygon filling mode

//Connecting to Shared Memory to create Mesh
m_general_Mesh = new CMesh();

m_TotalPointsArray = new Vertex_Data[m_general_Mesh->m_iTotalPoints];

for (int a = 0; a < m_general_Mesh->m_iTotalPoints ; a++)
	m_TotalPointsArray[a].x = m_general_Mesh->MeshVertexArray[a].x;
	m_TotalPointsArray[a].y = m_general_Mesh->MeshVertexArray[a].y;
	m_TotalPointsArray[a].z = m_general_Mesh->MeshVertexArray[a].z;

//====== Turn on the primitive connection mode (not connected)
if (m_bQuad)
	glBegin (GL_QUADS);

	float xi = m_TotalPointsArray[0].x/10;
	float yi = m_TotalPointsArray[0].y/10;
	float zi = m_TotalPointsArray[0].z = 0.0f;

	float xj = m_TotalPointsArray[1].x/10;
	float yj = m_TotalPointsArray[1].y/10;
	float zj = m_TotalPointsArray[1].z = 0.0f;

	float xk = m_TotalPointsArray[2].x/10;
	float yk = m_TotalPointsArray[2].y/10;
	float zk = m_TotalPointsArray[2].z = 0.0f;

	float xn = m_TotalPointsArray[3].x/10;
	float yn = m_TotalPointsArray[3].y/10;
	float zn = m_TotalPointsArray[3].z = 0.0f;
	//===== Not connected quads branch
	if (m_bQuad)
		//====== Vertices are given in counter clockwise direction order
		if (zi < -10.0000)
			glColor3f (0.0f, 1.0f, 0.f);
			glColor3f(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);
			glVertex3f(xi, yi, zi);
			glVertex3f(xj, -yj, zj);
			glVertex3f(-xk,  -yk, zk);				
			glVertex3f(-xn, yn, zn);


// }
//====== Close block of GL_QUADS commands
if (m_bQuad)

//====== Close the list of OpenGL commands

use GL_QUAD_STRIP instead of GL_QUADS