how to do model clothing


I have created a model of the female body. the model is made up of 3 disjoint sub-models :

  • one semi superellipsoid model for each breast( left and right) which can be deformbed by varying a set of parameters of the superellipsoid.

  • and one model of the underlying body without the breast taken from a vrml file on which i have manually placed the two breast models close to the body.

but the problem is u can see the gaps between the breasts and the body.

My boss asked me to cover the above mentioned 3 models with a new surface like a cloth - so that it appears like a continuous smooth surface.

for, this i got an idea - i will retrieve the depth buffer and create a surface at a little lesser depth than my model and thus the viewer will not be able to see the gaps.

I retrieved the depth buffer, but somehow my depth buffer returns 1 every where which means nothin is being written into it.also it seems to be very slow.

if you have any ideas of a method for my task, please help me.

also my texture mapping is not working well - it was giving all wierd results. even though i am replaceing GL_REPLACE.

please help me - i am still pretty much mediocre in opengl though i am good at programming.

please help me with this task … its really urgent.

Deepak Roy chittajallu

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