how to do fullscreen in MFC frame program????

recently,i edit a program in VC6 MFC frame,i have used SDI frame in my programe,this project includes four classes:CApp,CDoc,CMainFrame,CView.
I draw some OpenGL graphics in CView .i want to realize this function:realize fullscreen in MFC frame,how can i do???
(i ve known how to do in win32 SDK envirenment)

Your main frame should be created with Create member function instead of LoadFrame, and pass as width and height the values returned by GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSCREEN) and GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSCREEN). You will probably have to increase these values somewhat in both x and y directions to get rid of border and title bar, or you can disable the border and title bar of frame when you create it, I think. Should be able to do something similar for the view within the PreCreateView overidable member function, and make surte it is maximized.

Also, check documentation on MSDN and docs with VC++.

Just some ideas. Never done it, but that should give you somewhere to start. Not with an SDI or MDI application. MFC Cwnd application I have, and it works without problems.

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