How to display text


how can i display some text with OpenDL commands? I creating an application that plots some graphics and i need to label the axis. But i couldn’t see any commands like glPrint or glText.

Anyway, thanks in advance.

OpenGL has no built in text functions. You need to render text as textures or as proper geometry.

There are a few tutorials out there that can help you with that, I’d suggest this one:

The last three tutorials on this page deal with text in OpenGL.

You might also want to check out the rest

Thank you. It’s really sad it doesn’t have commands for text.

Anyway, now i’m on way to that tutorial. Hope that works.

You can alwats design you own font class if you want, without using wgl functions and stuff. What you have to do is basically create a display list for every letter and make it inot a textured polygon. So every letter is just a texured polygon with blending.