How to design menus and forms

I’m a beginner…But i know lil bit…
Can u pls help me in designing forms and menus…I can read out the stuff and design myself…Pls guide me otherwise just gimme references so that i can read them online and code myself…
Thank You

Hi !

Do you need to do this in OpenGL ?, it’s pretty messy to reinvent everything by yourself, if you don’t need anything fancy and can live with GLUT, then there are GUI libraries available like GLUI for example just to name one, if you use SDL, then there are a number of GUI libraries available for that one to.

If you use Win32 or MFC, then I would say that you are far better of by using the menu and form support you have built in there.

A am not sure if there are any libraries that give you menu/form support in OpenGL (that does not require GLUT), I have never seen any.



ya i need to design that using OPENGL itself. So no other go?..please tell me in detail? i dint get u