How to create space-ship

i want to create a 3D space-ship which will rotate around the planet which i created. i don’t want to use texture mapping. Please tell how to create it and render it to make it realistic ( space demo from )

Hi !

Get yourself a 3D modeler, create the ship, save it in a simple format and get yourself a loader for that format, there are lots of them available (

Trying to create it wioth OpenGL commands is pretty messy.


hi mike,
please suggest the name of 3d modeler ( is it 3d studio max ), and what exactly loader does for me ?

if you use 3dstudio, you could use lib3ds to load your ship.

if you don’t think you’re ready to create such a model, try to seek 3dcafe on google.
there are many free 3d models.

you may find what you want


use only ASE or 3ds export from 3dstudio.

Ase is viewable from a text viewer.
not 3ds (so use lib3ds)

Download which already displays a famous star ship fully modeled in 3D Studio MAX.

Download Anim8tor from to make changes to the model, add a planet, background skymap, etc.

Use the Display3DS code (VC++/MFC) as you like to render the planet, orbiting ship, skymap, etc.