How to create a console window in Win 32 for direct user input?

i would like my OpenGL win32 app (not console app) to have the ability to create a console window for run time user input. i know this has to be possible, but i know win32 doesnt do this by default. is there a way i can do this? thanks in advance!

This sounds an awful lot like a non-Opengl, Windows specific question. Are you after a “console” like in Quake/HL etc? Or are you after the traditional (ie. DOS) Console window?

If you are after the former then you really just need a toggle to turn the console window on/off, a drawing routine, and an input routine to take the key presses and feed them to the console (then a parse routine for handling what they type).

If your after the latter, no-idea.

But neither of these possibilities really have anything to do with Opengl.

Definitely offtopic.

Either make your app a console app and create a window to render in. Or call AllocConsole from your windows app. Search for “Creation of a Console” in MSDN.