How to compiler under OSX

I am trying to learn OpenGl, following a good tutorial but they do not explain hot to compile it. And of course no doc about it.
Whatever the compiler i use, it can’t find standards librairies like:

please help.


The only OSX development I have done was for Carbon apps but my best advice for you is to find a sample OpenGL project from Apple that actually builds and works, and then slowly modify that to your needs.

What tutorial are you following?
(I am just starting out myself)
Good luck – Jim

Originally posted by jomeara:
What tutorial are you following?
(I am just starting out myself)
Good luck – Jim

I am just starting to try OpenGL on OS X as well… having trouble getting things to show up in an NSOpenGLView pane.

For the problem mentioned here though… You must add the OpenGL.framework to your project (this is where all the standard functions are that the compiler complains are undefined). To do this, select “Add FrameWorks…” from the Project menu in Project Builder. The sheet that appears should already show the list of frameworks available in the right pane. Select the OpenGL.framework. Make sure the framework was added under the Linked Frameworks folder of the Frameworks folder in the “Group & Files” hierarchy shown in the Project Builder window (where all your files show up in the project). If not, just find where it was placed in the hierarchy and drag it to the right spot. Depending on what you are doing you may also need to add other framworks such as AGL or GLUT. Hope that helps!

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