how to compile ?

…i get the open gl library…and i put it in the c:\BC5\INCLUDE*.H and the c:\BC5\LIB*.LIB directories, but when i want to compile, there is full of errors…the compiler say ‘invalid sintaxis’ in the *.h files…what happend ? ? ? what i must to do before ?

pd: my english excuses, i from South-america

I’m not sure if this will help you, because it seems like you are using a Borland compiler and I use Visual C++ 6.0, however, I too received similiar errors once in the OpenGL .H files when I forgot to include windows.h in my code (I was trying to compile a simple example from the Red Book).
Sorry I can’t help out more, good luck to you!


It does sound like you forgot to #include <windows.h> Also, you have to do that BEFORE #include <GL/gl.h>

One more thing… where’d you get the headers and libraries from? If you have VC++ libs, you are going to get linker errors next saying invalid library format.

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