How to change the far clip plane?


I’m using GLFW library and I would like to increase the far clip plane for the current frustum but whatever the value that I’m setting in glFrustum for zFar it has no effect on the output
whether it is glFrustum( left, right, bottom, top, 0.1, 100000000 ); or glFrustum( left, right, bottom, top, 0.1, 10 ); —> the output is the same.

Any idea what am I missing here?

Many thanks,

Then the issue isn’t the far plane.

What results are you getting, and what results are you expecting?

Hi GClements

I’m expecting to see the full model but even if I increase the far plane distance the most far parts of the model are being clipped at some specific distance.

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Finally, I’ve figured it out, and it was a noob mistack actually I forgot to update projection matrix as well
glm::mat4 projection = glm::perspective( filedOfView, aspectRatio, nearPlane, farPlane );