How to build a DirectFBGL based on Mesa

I’m trying to build a DirecctFBGL environment based on Mesa without using any Graphic hardware.
Firstly, I build a DirectFB environment on a ubuntu machine. Then when I tried to install mesa and DirectFBGL, but 2 problems was there:
1.It seesm that the x11proto-gl-dev package is needed to build the DirectFBGL environment, which in my opinion should not needed.
2.When I try to run some example program, it ask for DRI. I think that should not happen.

And I have no idea on how to configure mesa for software-implemented. the mga driver always get compiled.

any advices?

These forums are targeted more towards end-users (including developers which use the API), less towards people that tinker with their GL implementations.
You might have more luck asking that question on the Mesa3d-dev mailing list.


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