How to blure, sharpen and detect edges of a cube in openGL C++.


I have to create new program using OPENGL language, at this program I have to create cube and apply the blur , detect edges and sharpen in a simple way, just calling the functions.
Also is possible to apply ray tracing on this cube ? and why?

I really need the exact code for this program, because I have no Idea how it should done.

Please help me as soon as possible.


OpenGL is not a language, but an API.

Fairly simple. Just find some beginner’s tutorial.

More advanced topic. You could search for the solution on the net. Something like this might be useful.

Another, totally independent topic.

Yet another topic, unrelated to previous.

It looks like you have a project at the university which is not quite simple. Especially since you have no idea what to do.
Most of the topics are related to image processing. Maybe you could solve it easier on the CPU. Or using CUDA/OpenCL, if you prefer high parallelism and several orders of magnitude speed gain.
Do you really need to do it using OpenGL (or to be more specific, the fragment shader)?

:slight_smile: Maybe you know something that I don’t, but there are no functions that you could simple call to solve your problem.
Such naive question points out that you are lost at the beginning. Or, maybe, you didn’t explain your problem well.

Yet another topic. Maybe more advanced than all before. Surf for “ray casting”.

Who knows. You asked for it. At the moment I don’t see how it would help you in blurring, detecting edges and sharpening.

Maybe you could find partial solutions for your problem, but it is up to you to fold the pieces.