How to Blur in OGL

I just want to know how to blur after i draw a scene.

Draw to an offscreen buffer that’s smaller than the screen, bind it to a texture, and render to screen with interpolation. There’s two ways of doing this:

  1. using pbuffer/render_texture extensions
  2. drawing to framebuffer, then doing CopyTexSubImage

Also, you could try using an accumulation buffer, to make it look cool (but eat up fill rate).

there you get infos about very fast extreme blurring, even if they only blur the glow, and they use directx, the idea is all you need (i’ve coded it for gl with wgl_arb_render_texture for blurring everything (thought buggy because of driver issues on nvidiaboards)

or nutty has a glow-demo made by this, with sourcecode…