How to apply OpenGL ES on Visual C++ 6.0?

Sorry for asking such a silly question !
I’ve downloaded the gl.h and egl.h
but where should I put them and what library should I include inorder to use them on Visual C++?

Please see my other reply in the other topic.
The first implementations of OpenGL ES will be avilable after the adopter’s package is finished.

Hello all ,

I meet the same problem as the Jussal has met . I have read some posts of Claude Knaus but I can’t find the way to solve it.
Now ,I have download the implementations of OpenGL ES – gles-1.0c.gz , but I am sorry that After I unpacked it I don’t know how way to use it . Could anyone can help me ?
Thanks very much !


I want to run a sample program using OpenGL ES in VC++.Can any body tell me how can i configure my visual studio environment.What are the header/lib/dll’s are required to run the program.Please explain me step by step as I am very new in OpenGL ES.


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It didn’t seem so hard to get this compiled and tested. When you download the .zip file, unzip it. Open the gles-1.0c\vs\vs.dsw project file with Visual C++, select “all” as the project and compile. You will encounter a problem case where a missing (generated) file causes the compiler to stop.


how to fix that problem.

Then select as a project test_cl, for example, build and run.


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