How they do that? Please HELP!

You know in model program they have a multiple windows, that I can make also. But, how do they have it so 1 window, the center, is 0,0? Then if you move mouse left the coordinates are negative, you move right the are positive, you move up they positive, and move down below 0,0 it is negative.

How they do that? I try, and 0,0 for me is one of the corners of the window. I search for something to make 0,0 center of window, but I can not find!



Do you want to use four windows? Check center coordinates of each window and save them in for example x1,y1 x2,y2 etc. Then check in what window the user is and subtract the “real” mouse coordinates from the windows center coordinates. That way you can get the right coordinates for each window.

Hope that helps