How start to using and programming OpenGL ES?

I want programming with this Library but I don’t know how get it to download it, and know if works(run) over windows OS. I know that is used for mobile OS like IOS and Android but i want learn to programming with this library

thanks in advance

If you want to use C++ then, you need the opengl header and the ability to link against opengl32.lib on windows. opengl.h and opengl32.lib are usually found in your C++ compilers /include/GL and /lib directories, or, if you use Visual Studio Express you need to download the windows sdk, because the .h and .lib are not included.

GL doesn’t handle windowing, so for that you can use win32, freeglut, GLFW, SDL or SFML libraries. I use GLFW.

On Windows you will also need an extension loader like GLEW or glload if you want to use OpenGL ES or OpenGL functions newer than 1.1

If you’re going to develop for mobile I suggest you download the SDK for your device, both iOS and Android have good guides for setting up the enviroment. Becoming acquainted with the SDK for your device might save you many headaches later, in case you use functions that are incompatible with the device.

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