How much information should extension specifications contain?

I just looked at the AMD_compressed_3DC_texture and AMD_compressed_ATC_texture specifications.
They introduce new undocumented compressed texture formats.

These specifications are very short, instead of technical detail they contain some marketing-blabala (“DC provides an ideal solution to the normal map compression problem. It provides up to 4:1 compression of normal maps, with image quality that is virtually indistinguishable from the uncompressed version. The technique is hardware accelerated, so the performance impact is minimal. […]”) and say that technical detail is not available (“The details of these formats is not disclosed […]”).

I always supposed that extension specifications should provide enough information to implement them.

These extensions are not in the OpenGL extension registry, but in the OpenGL ES extension registry instead.

have they provided you with enough information to use the extension? if so, you have no reason to complain.