How many portals does a quake (2) level use?


i have written a little compiler, which takes my level file, creates a leafy bsp-tree and then calculates portals for the leafs. In the next step i want to create a PVS for the level.
However i am wondering about how many portals real engines use for their levels. I created a simple bridge-model, which had around 300 polys and ran my compiler. After the creation of the tree and the triangulation of the polys the level consisted of around 700 triangles. However my portalcreator placed nearly 400 portals into this level. I think that´s really a lot. Of course i can use them to calculate a PVS, but i am not sure if i should use them for realtime portalculling anymore because the overhead for creating the smaller viewfrustum will be huge.

However i have to add that i didn´t merge all those little portals, yet. I think when i do this i can cut the number of portals in half (which would mean around 200 portals for a 700 triangle level).

I thought that maybe some of you know how many portals are used for example in a quake 2 level of standard size (let´s say the first level, if you know it) and of course of how many triangles the level consists. This could give me a hint in which direction i have to optimize my engine.

Thanks in advance,