How good is ATI (Radeon 9700) driver support?

We’re in the process of buying some new graphics cards. In short, I guess it’s ATI Radeon 9700 vs nVidia GF4 Ti4600.

We have no prior ATI experience. Does it compare with nVidia drivers and does ATI drivers support the new 9700?

Any comment or suggestion welcome

/ plg

I have not heard of any drivers from ATI for linux. As I understand the current situation do you not have any alternatives for consumer cards other than NVidias. At least not if you are going to do some “real” work.

NVidia is supposed to come out with a new card soon so probably is it best to wait for it.

Actually ATI has provided 3d accel drivers for the 8800 (fireGL) and the 8500. I’m not sure how they perform though, as I don’t have one. I did have an origional radeon, and I used a driver from xigraphics. The card worked very well with that driver.


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