How get started with OpenGL - Help

Hello Guys.

How it’s going?
I’d like to start development with OpenGL.
Someone could please give some tips for that

I have a good background of C language.
I’m studying engineering, so I believe math won’t be a problem.

I have took a look in “OpenGL Programming Guide
3.0 and 3.1”
I think it’s a little old, I had had a hard time trying written something.

I’m brazilian sorry my terrible english.

I’ve been using two tutorials in conjunction with each other, and they have helped me get started, and progressing nicely.
I suggest downloading the pdf files for both.
For the above, I recommend you download the source codes also, since they help you out if you get stuck following the guide - which sometimes doesn’t have every detail.
I just used the guide for this - it’s very detailed.


Thank you so much.
I’ll take a look in both and download all pdfs.