how fast should GL_POINTS be on my hardware?

I own a GeForceFX 5900 and I wonder if it shouldn’t be rendering faster.

To test it I draw a GL_POINT of size 10 over and over again and can only do about 6M per second.

Is this ok? too slow? or is it just a stupid way of testing this?

Hi !

It all depends on how you have setup OpenGL, if you use lighting, blending and so on, and if you use a point size of 10 you are not rendering points, you are rendering at least quads, so 6M quads is not that bad, that’s 12M triangles, ok it’s in 2D but anyway.


6M per sec is horribly slow for a 5900.
I guess you’re sending them through immediate mode, isn’t it ? Either that or your application is using many CPU resources, which means that you’re CPU-bound, not GPU-bound. Considering the points are particles that move every frame, that wouldn’t be suprising though.