How does OpenGL perform compared to Win32?


I want to use OpenGL/GLUT to port an existing Toolkit from X11/Win32 to OpenGL (switchable) because of performance reasons.

How does openGL/Linux-DRI perform compared to Win32 with accerlated drivers(both)?

Thx, lg Clemens

glut is not really for production purposes its really just for testing. I would use your operating system api

Actually, I rather like GLFW, and the licence is not prohibitive either.

or SDL…

Performance is often application-dependant however, I remember of some times in which the same app ran much faster on linux.
This does not mean the OpenGL port for linux is good - maybe the sum of a lot of factors gave this result.

If you’re using GLUT and you’re posting on beginners, then you should not care about performance. Performance tuning is somewhat that should be done on large programs which need to go fast - by this point of view, I guess there’s no such “performance issue” you’re mentioning.

Hi again!

I want to port an existing toolkit to OpenGL which should also be fast for very big guis.
But yes, openGL seems to be really fast, especally when caching to textures and painting them in a quad…

Thanks for your help, lg Clemens

Try SDL. It is designed to be a crossplatform and production capable layer.

With SDL, you get windowing, input, graphics using opengl, sound support with portability etc… Go to their page for the full scoop.

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