How Does Carmack use the OpenGL 2.0 already?

I posted a similar topic on the beginner’s bboard about this, but got no response, so am posting it here.

I’ve read news that carmack is implementing doom 3 using opengl 2.0? is this correct? if yes, how is he using opengl 2.0 when it hasn’t been released yet?

how does one get to use opengl 2.0 already? any stuffs that i need to download? any links to tutorials for using ogl2.0 too?


Carmack is using OpenGL 2.0 with extensions supported (thus far) only on 3DLabs P10 boards which is not widely avaliable.

When the board becomes avaliable you can buy one an play with it. However, OpenGL 2.0 is still in the design phase and what’s supported on the 3DLabs P10 is only preliminary.

OpenGL 1.x will be around for a while so I would suggest you code to that for now.