How do I write something to the screen

How do I output something to the screen using GLUT???

output what??

Minimal steps:
Create the display callback

  • glutInit
  • glutInitWindowSize
  • glutInitDisplayMode
  • glutCreateWindow
  • glutDisplayFunc to set the callback

Now you have an active GL rendering context and can call any GL command.

  • glutMainLoop


Sorry, I meant text, like a fps counter or a simple text…


  • paint pictures with single letters or one large picture with all (or a subset of) ASCII-characters
  • load that picture(s)
  • make every single character a texture

  • build a string you want to write (e.g. sprintf(…)
  • switch to orthogonal-projection
  • for each character in the string paint a square with the appropriate texture (perhaps translucent with glBlend…).
  • be happy