How do I set a model's pos, look up look at?

If I have a position, normalized look up vector, and normalized look at vector, how do I set the modelview matrix to use those values? I assume the code would look something like this:

// Process angles and such
glRotatef(some angle, some vector);
glRotatef(some angle, some vector);
glTranslate(pos.x, pos.y, pos.z);

All advice will be appreciated.

You just do the cross product of your up vector and you look at vector, this will give you the left vector.

You just take those 3 vectors and create a matrix in that order I think

left, up, foward

and you do glMultMatrix and you are done!

This will create a new basis for the vectors

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What about the position? Should I add the position to the last row of the matrix, or subtract it from the last row in the matrix?

I believe you can put it in the matrix, but I am not sure where, so just use glTranslate. The matrix you just created is the rotation matrix