How do I get a 3d model into OpenGL?

To make this as simple, I’m a college student doing a final project. It includes a fancy 3D monitor that has to use OpenGL to make it’s 3d display.

Thing is, we have no idea how to get models I’ve made (using AC3D, although it exports to most major formats) into a form in which we can render in OpenGL on that monitor.

Can anyone point me to somewhere that can explain how to do this? I’m looking for some kind of magic bullet program that I can just point to a file and have it export me some piece of code or something that we can just throw in, but experience tells me its not going to be that easy.

So how do I go about taking a model that wasn’t made in OpenGL and getting OpenGL to display it? I’m praying this can be done, because if not, we’re going to be screwed…

Of course you can display any 3D file format with opengl : there is no constraint about what file format to use.
Either you do the conversion yourself (you don’t seem to be willing to :slight_smile: ) or google for a 3D opengl viewer.

Ok that is enough, a 3 seconds google search gave this :
“AC3D file loader/viewer source code” - C source code for an AC3D file loader/viewer. Requires Opengl and Glut. Windows exe, VC++ project files and unix makefile included.

Life is easy eh ? Good luck :wink:

Yeah, I found that not long after starting this thread. Nothing like making yourself look like an idiot by overlooking the obvious, is there? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your trouble though, it is appreciated :slight_smile: