how do i do a few console lines at the bottom of an opengl screen.

I want to make a program that plots points on a graph, but at the bottom of the screen i want 2 or 3 lines for entering numbers, and giving error messages. this must be possible anyone know how to do this?

The FAQ ought to have more info on this.

Anyway, either you use platform dependent
calls (like Win32 or Xlib) to define the
OpenGL area as less than the entire window,
and put whatever you want outside it, or you
draw the console/text with OpenGL using
texture mapped quads (you can cram an entire
alphabet in 8x8 resolution into a 128x128
texture, and select letters from there if you

thanks i’ll look in the faq

If anyone wants to have an old console from me… It’s really old but shows the way to go. No, my actual one to complicated…