How do I debug ?

I’m making a balance game using OpenGL in SDL.
Boxes drop from the top on a beam which can rotate and the goal is to keep the beam in rotational equilibrium by making the boxes fall at appropriate places.

So here is the problem.
My beam isn’t simply rotating in the manner I want it to.
So I want to monitor the torque values.
But my game is a continuous which will go on without a player playing on it.
So I can’t debug it using Code::Blocks IDE which I’m using now.
(the debugger in it)

So what do I do now?
I’m thinking of displaying the torque values in the side of screen of the game.
Is it the only way?

Also,do you know how I might be able to display dynamic text on the screen?

I’ll also need this to display scores on the screen.

Any suggestions?
Thank You.

You can display text if you make a texture with all your needed characters on it. Then you just texture map each characters.

or there is the old wglUseFontBitmaps function

There is Crazy Eddy’s GUI system

There is FTGL

Depending on what resolution you need, you can map the values to the range 0 to 1, and then display a color somewhere.

But I don’t use GLUT.
I use SDL.
I can’t use both to setup the same screen,can I?

CEGUI is again such a GUI system right?

Hey… Can you elaborate a little?