How do I apply hair?

Hello everyone,

The movies these days have the capability of high-resolution graphics.
And while watching a movie I wondered how they made the hair.

So I searched for how this is done in OpenGL, unfortunately I couldn’t find much covering the subject.

I found one tutorial (mainly for Direct3D) which explains a way to render fur, but it doesn’t look to me it can be used as hair too. It also seems to lack resolution to me. (

I hope anyone could tell me how I could apply hair on objects (e.g. faces) in OpenGL.

Thanks in advance,

However I suppose you could imagine what I mean, I found two images (with google) which represent the result what I am looking for:

Movies usually use ray tracing (or variations of it) to generate the images, which can take in the order of minutes to hours per frame. Of course there is research going on to come up with methods that also work for real time/interactive graphics, a quick search found this presentation and there are links to additional papers at the bottom.

There is also this: