How demanding is Vulkan when running on a low-end computer

In most cases, Vulkan can run well on most computers. But when it comes to more demanding games, how well does it actually run? People say it has zero overhead, which supposedly means that it doesn’t take up as much resources as most other graphics APIs. Down below I have the specs of my laptop, and can you tell me, for a basic game, such as a simple marble racer, how well will it actually run?

Intel Core i5-5200U, Base Clock 2.20GHz, Turbo up to 2.70GHz
6GB of RAM
5400rpm 600GB Hard Drive, with 120GB free

Can anyone give me any estimates of FPS (but of course you wouldn’t know probably even close since even I don’t know what the game will be like)? Thanks in advance, even if you can’t give me an answer.

If it’s really a “basic game,” then Vulkan’s performance probably won’t be particularly relevant.

I will give you the estimate of 0 FPS, because Intel won’t support Vulkan on Broadwell on Windows.

PS: Even the lowest end Intel is still a beast chugging 15 W, and plenty of games run just fine even on smartphone with less. Get yourself a SSD though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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