How come my glPointSize() is not functioning at all?


Can anyone help me? I use glPointSize() to change the point size but my program stubbornly shows points with size 1. I try to both enable and disable GL_POINT_SMOOTH but it does not help. I use glGet(GL_POINT_SIZE_RANGE) to get the point size range and find out that the max and min allowable point size on my machine are both 1. My driver card is very new. It is made by ATI and has 16 MB memory and a Rage 128 Pro (AGP 4X) chip. Do you have any idea to lead me to solve this problem? Your help is much appreciated.


Your GL driver is the layer between your GL code and your hardware. If your hardware card supports a GL feature but that driver doesn’t, you are out of luck. Just make sure you have the right driver for your card, and that you are using that driver and not something else.


Thanks for your info, skw|d. If I did not misunderstand you, the GL driver you mentioned is the driver for the display card (hardware). If so, I will try to upgrade my card driver and see what will happen.