How can i texture a mesh with different textures?

If i have a mesh how can i output it to a file that i can manipulate(texture). The task is to texture a mesh generated from a geographical map then texture it accurately corresponding with the map it was generate from.
Please reply with any tips or advice.
much apprieciated.

well if you are using a Voxel type of landscape you can have another texture that stores the various colors for each vertex. you can do that in 2 ways.

  1. you have a ‘geographical’ map for the different heights, and another map that stores the colors at each vertex, make sure your set glShadeMode is set to GL_SMOOTH of course.
  2. the other way is to again have the geographical map for heights. then another map that stores the different textures (not colors) you want to map to the different areas of the mesh. This method requires an array of textures and for you to draw the vertices of the map in special order.

I prefer the 1st method as there is less visual “poping” and the terrain looks smooth, or if the terrain is relatively small I usually use the geographical map to set the heights of the vertices and then texturemap the whole mesh.

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