how can i read in a 3d studio max file to use the object in my open gl program ?

the extension of a 3 s max file is .max, isn’t it ?
So i’ve read that i have to change the .max in .ase which is more common and it’s that i wish to do. But how can i do ? and where find information on how to read in a .ASE file ?


There are tons of file formats, hope it helps.

i don’t find .max
do you know something else ?

Export it to a .3DS file (in 3DS) and go to for a tutorial on loading .3ds files

3ds files have a history wth being not so good a format to use when it comes to games… try using mdls or md3s or md2… if it is really simple… then I think 3ds will do but for a more complex game… I would suggest a format that is more complex also …


3DS does not allow Skeleton Animation … This really suck since its easy to read 3DS files .

If you’re using Visual C++, check out Display3DS for a cogent example of loading 3DS meshes.

thanks but how can i export in .3ds file ?
do i have to rename ?

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when u create ur mesh in 3DSmax,u will have an option in the FILE menu->EXPORT ,which lets u save the file in a 3DS format.

it looks complicated, do you have something on .ASE ?

If you had visited the link given above, you would have found that they also have an ASE loader.

There are also lots of other examples of ASE and 3DS loaders available on the web, try a Google search on “opengl ase 3ds loaders” or something like that.