how can i map jpg. images?

I would be glad to know how to map images and bring them into life.

OpenGL(R) is a standardized API for hardware accellerated rasterization. It doesn’t deal with platform specific details like creating a
rendering context or user input.

Similarly, while it does support textures, it doesn’t care about specific file formats that the texture images could be stored in or even
where the images come from at all. There are only API functions for uploading the images once you got them, or for reusing pipeline
output as a texture image.

If you want to upload images from JPEG compressed JFIF files, you have to process the files first and upload the final RGB[A] image,
once you have it. There are multiple libraries that simplify this task:

[li]DevIL[/li][li]The ImageMagick library[/li][li]The single source file tiny JPEG decoder[/li][li]LibJPEG[/li][/ul]

However, I can’t help you with “bringing things to live”, unless you are more specific about what you mean by that.