How can I import a 3d studio model into opengl.

Is it possible to make a model in 3d studio max then import this model into opengl.
If so, how, are there any tutorials? Thanks.

There are no native support for ANY fileformat in OpenGL, neither for 3D files not pictures, and there is a reason for that. So what you have to do is either to load them yourself, using your own or someone elses code. Or you can download 3D Exploration , a program that can load loads of different 3d files and export to OpenGL code (C/C++), that you can use to create displaylists.

If you want to load it yourself, you can look at the major programmingsites, and search for fileformat descriptions.

What me need is a GOOD Open Source 3D format, that OpenGL Centric, very well documented, and extensible!