How can I create the human brain using OpenGL?

Will someone help me or give me some ideas of how to create the human brain using OpenGL. What shapes to use ? Looking forward to your replies. Thanks

  1. Implement mesh loading and rendering functions in your program
  2. Get decent (and usable) 3D modeling package
  3. Get modeling.

In other words: you don’t want to use basic OpenGL to model such complex shapes. Too much hassle. That’s what 3D modelers are for.

seems to me you are looking for something like vtk(visualization toolkit). if you are a beginner(ever heard of iso surface?), vtk is not quite suitable(i found it very confusing and complex).

another simpler method would be like T101 suggested. create mesh object, load it in your opengl program.

Go to your average urban sprawl, flash a couple of hundred dollars in front of some homeless guy’s eyes, and lure him into the back of a van. Give him a quick shot of morphine, then bust out the dremel rototool and the 3D scanner.

Note: you’re going to make a mess.

Man, that’s gnarly!

( :smiley: )