HLSL only for windows ??!


(there’s a link from the opengl.org homepage)

it claims that HLSL will only run on windows platforms ! Is it just possible ? HLSL being part of opengl2, that amounts to claiming that there will be no opengl2 implementation for systems other than windows! I just can’t believe it.

He’s referring to Microsofts HLSL, not OpenGL2.0’s.

Yeah, he is talking about the HLSL languange that is included in DirectX 9, not OpenGLII or CG.

Obviously, it’s only for Windows.

HLSL means : “High-Level Shading Language” -Nothing more.
DirectX9 has one and OpenGL2 has one.
DirectX is plattform dependent and openGL isn’t.
that’s all.

ah ok I was believing that HLSL=GLSLANG.
I need to improve my english.