HL Lighting.ohhh man!!!

Well this time i have problems with the HL BSP lightmaps but before i start i want to say that it would be better if someone give me mail or something so we can discuss this away from the forum.I think that it’s been already a lot of HL BSPs here so let’s talk a little in private.

Now to the point.I load the global lightmap from the BSP file and then i want to add light effects to my level.I know that each face has a lightmap offset(-1 for none) but i can’t go no further.Can anyone tell me how to calculate lighting values for each vertex using the information in the global lightmap.Oh and by the way.There seems also to be something like unexisting faces in the HL level which functions are told by the name of the texture map.Things like “sky” that gives that sky barrier,“aaatriger” that tells that triggers can be performed inside this face and other.The only thing is that there are texture maps that are neither in the HL BSP nor in the WAD files.Things like “generic02” that is used for the models of lamps and other things.Can you tell me how to use them!

10x a lot!

My mail is Mihail1212@Yahoo.co.uk

I don’t think this is an openGL question. Go to Planet Halflife and ask your questions there.