Hey all! Can you guys please test this OpenGL app?

Hey all! I’ve written a library that enables you to extract and play AVI files and in this little test application,it plays the AVI file onto a polygon.I want some of you guys to try it out and tell me what happens. Please email me at thegecko@digitalsv.com

You can download the test app here: http://www.digitalsv.com/downloads/dsvtest.zip


Looks OK, though pretty slow on the box I’m using at the mo (P2-366 laptop, MS software renderer).

A “quit” key and the option to run in a window would be nice though.

Nice to see that someone reads my posts

Works great on the machine I’m using. It’s
a Dell Precision 220 Workstation, dual PIII
600Mhz, Matrox G400 Max graphics card.

To get a better feedback you might want to
draw the frames per second to the screen.


I agree with harleybl!

Yeah I’ll be putting that frames/sec counter in the next release.

As to quiting the program,just press ESC.If it’s really slow then hold down the ESC key till you quit.

Keep those feedbacks coming!

Although I do have a serious problem now.I just installed my new Creative Labs GeForce2 card DDR 32MB RAM and my app runs REALLY slow.We’re talking 1 or 2 fps.I’m not sure why.I guess my card doesn’t like the glTexSubImage2D() function calls.Any ideas? I’ll start a new thread with this problem.

One of my beta testers was getting slow performance on a geforce. Switching to older drivers fixed the problem. You’re not using beta-drivers are you?

Heres what Ive been dying to see for weeks It runs well on my system, is it opening a screen the size of my desktop?

p3-700 Leadtek GeForce DDR using latest Leadtek Drivers. Based on NVidia Detonator 2 drivers. VIA chipset M/B.

Id like to do some work with your dll any chance at getting into the beta testing!!

I tried changing the AVi and just got white polys, so you have the frame count or something hard coded? or you need a specific AVI format?

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OK I got that whole issue of fps working.All I had to do was get the latest detonator 2 drivers from nVidia.It works fine now.

dans: This dll will be free for use and I’ll be releasing it very soon.I’m just putting in the finishing touches on it and checking to see what everyone is saying.I just want to make sure it’s stable before I make an official v1.0 release.I’ll keep you all posted.
As for your question.There is no specific AVI format.If it’s a Microsoft AVI file then it will work fine.The only thing is (and I’m sure you all know) is that the AVI is treated as a texture so it has to have dimensions of 32x32,64x64,128x128 etc…
As for synchronising the video,well,you’ll have to hard code that on your own
Oh yeah…this app runs at 800x600 resolution.

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