heres a suggestion

Tell me how the testing of the S3 cards is going.I can’t get my Quake 3 game working because i don’t have a opengl supported card but when i seen that you guys were TESTING it I thought there’d be some kinda note of progress. I didnt want to buy another video card because i didnt think it would take to long but at least let me know how close the testing is and what cards are being tested. Let me know now if My S3Trio64+ Pci will be one of the ones compatible so I know before I wait anylonger. And please respond cause I don’t get any questions answered on the S3 message board.

Sorry, I can’t help you on that one, but… how does this have to do with “Suggestions for the next release of OpenGL?”

i don’t know i just felt i’d get some response over here. sorry i was real mad cause i spent $50 on a game i can’t play

i used to have a s3trio64 its an incredibilly slow card. u prolly dont wanna hear this but spend 30-80$ and get a halfway decent card.
suggestions in order of quality
nvidia geforce2mx
nvidia m64/tnt2
nvidia vanta (which i have, it rocks with q3)

Hey, don’t forget ATI cards, like the Radeon (especially LE - great value), or even older ones like XPERT 2000. Or if you just have PCI, get older 3dfx card maybe (no support these days, but they’re still pretty good).

I think that any card will be better than the Trio, which AFAIK doesn’t provide any 3D acceleration (a must for current games).