Is there anybody who wants to write an easy program? I must implement a man running on a surface followed by the camera. But I have to start from 0 to do it and it takes to me years, I don’t understand anything about geometry!
For you it is a 20 minutes work! I already have the mesh with frames in a text file.
If someone accepts… I write all the easy thing he has to do.
Thank you!

If it’s going to take you years to do it, you’d better get started now :stuck_out_tongue:

Handing in someone else’s work as your own isn’t only wrong - you also won’t learn anything.

learn the basics:

figure out what you do and don’t know and come back here for help - not asking someone to do your work for you.

It’s actually kind of rude…i mean you didn’t even offer us any money


[Dr. Evil mode]
I’ll do it for…100 billion dollars. :eek:
[/Dr. Evil mode]