Hi Everyone:

I am a OpenGL beginner.I have a 3DLabs OpenGL Demos application(Bubbles,Chick Berry,Race Game,Roller Coaster,Tank and X29),and I test video driver with them.
But I don’t have the spec.,feature and function about them.So I can’t know what level of OpenGL version and what function of OpenGL they run.I can’t find any information from 3DLabs web site.Anyone has the detail information about this application? Or anyone could kindly tell me how to check it,just like look at the souse code etc…

Huangchi :confused:

First u read the “Red book for OpenGL” that book will guid u for begineer

Find RedBook Url from

You must have dglOpenGL of OpenGL v1.5 that support for all NVdia and ATI Video Card.

I need a application which can show what verson OpenGL of my test application.
Who can kindly help me?

Try this page for downloading GLinfo .